You can find more information about the search options at the Search Help page.
To make the product images in the search results larger place your mouse pointer over the image if using a desktop browser or click the image if you are using a mobile device. Please note that some older web browsers might not support this functionality.
Alternatively you can go to the Settings page to change the image size.
If some of the results don't have images then it means that the image has yet to be downloaded or that shop does not have the appropriate tags in the html code of their website which allows us to download the images.
Start Shopping concentrates on finding the products that best match your search and not the shop that we think you should shop at, thus sometimes you get alot of results from a particular shop because they have the products that best match your search.
The red x in the search results allows you to remove that shop from the search results so that you don't have to view the products that shop sells.
The adult content filter can be turned off in the Settings page.
No. Start Shopping does not track what you do. Start Shopping does not need such information to produce great search results.
No. Start Shopping is a netural search engine, thus we do not vouch for or recommend any particular shop in our search engine.
You can submit your shops url address at the Add Shop page.
You can find more information about the StartShoppingBot at the StartShoppingBot Information page.
Start Shopping only supports the latest web browsers. We have made this decision due to the large amount of old browsers running on old operating systems, which makes it unfeasible to support the old browsers.
Start Shopping was created to make it easier to find products inside ecommerce websites.
No. Start Shopping does not have an app because our website does everything we need it to do on either the desktop or mobile devices via a web browser and there is nothing extra that an app will bring to make the search experience better.